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How It Works

Everything you need to know about the Livecam Ireland Events Organiser portal.

Getting Started

The first time you receive an email from us, it might land in your Junk/Spam folder.
Please remember to add to your safe contact list.

Submission Guidelines

Curated Events

Our Event Tickets platform is curated by the Livecam Ireland team. Only events submitted by pre-registered Organisers will be accepted.

Submission Deadlines

Events must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the event date. Submitted events may take up to 72 hours to be published.

Featured Events

To stand out from the crowd and get your event on our home page, purchase the Featured Event Add-On.

Event Images

Ensure that your event images are sized correctly - 1200px wide x 835px high at 72 dpi - and that they do not exceed 250KB.

Edit Your Event

You will have the ability to edit your event details should you need to. If you require assistance, please contact our Support Team.

Event Cancelations

If you need to cancel your event, please contact the Livecam Ireland Support Team at least 72 hours prior to the event time.

Event Submission Form

Please ensure that you read our guidelines regarding the event submission form before submitting your first event.
It’s your time to shine! This is your event name and the title listed on our Event Tickets page.
Add your event description, remembering to include all the details needed to entice your audience. We suggest a minimum description length of 100 words. Remember that some of your event information will need to be entered into the fields below, so craft your description with that in mind.
Enter the date for your event, along with the start and end times. Clicking into either date field will pop up a date picker, where you may select your desired dates from a calendar. Event start and end times may be selected from a drop-down menu, or you may enter your dates and times manually if you prefer.

If you check the “All Day Event” box you will not be able to specify a time for your event.

Click “CHOOSE IMAGE” and upload the event image from your computer.

In order for us to maintain the layout of our Event Tickets platform, we require that all event images are sized as follows:
  • Dimensions: 1200px wide x 835px high
  • Maximum file size: 250KB
Please note that if you attempt to upload an image that is larger than 250KB, your event submission will still be sent to us but it will be sent without an image attached. Please ensure that you upload an alternative that meets the required specifications, as we cannot review or publish your event without an image.
Select from our pre-existing categories. If you’re hosting an event that doesn’t fit in one of these categories, please email our Support Team and we’ll add it for you!
If your event is NOT a virtual event, you can skip this section.

BASIC EVENT ORGANISERS: If you are hosting a virtual event, click on “Configure Virtual Event”. Our Basic Organisers may add their own links to the Video Source field. Note that there is no protection on the links shared in these fields and the link will be included in ticket emails. You can select whether the video is embedded in the event page or linked via a button. Choose when you want your video source to display, who it will show to, and how to deliver it. The “Virtual Event Label” settings should be left checked so that your event displays our Virtual Event icon on the calendar listing.

PREMIER EVENT ORGANISERS: If you’re hosting a virtual event and require protection for your stream, please send us an email once you’ve submitted your event to set that up for you. You should leave the Video Source on this form blank and leave all the Virtual Event settings unchanged. Alternatively, if you don’t require any additional protection for your stream, you may follow the same instructions as the Basic setup above.

If you’d like to run a virtual event but don’t have the necessary facilities or equipment to do so yourself, we can host your event for you! Please review the Streaming Services we offer.
Create the event venue or select an existing one from the list.

If you are creating a new venue, you’ll be asked to provide the venues details, including address, telephone number, and website address. Please ensure that the details you provide are accurate. Livecam Ireland does not accept any responsibility for incorrect venue details provided by its Events Organiser.

If you notice that an existing venue has incorrect or out-of-date details listed, please email our Support Team immediately.
That’s you!

The first time you submit an event, you’ll need to “Create an Organiser” in this field. Please ensure that you use the same details as listed on your Events Organiser account.

The next time you submit an event, your Organiser name will be available to select from the list.
For your convenience we’ve included some additional fields that might be required for your venue, such as age restriction, dress code, and amenities. If you need something specific for your venue, or feel that we’re missing something, please feel free to email our Support Team.

Premier Event Organisers who would like to pass all handling fees onto attendees for the event they’re submitting can select that option here in this section.
It’s time to add your tickets. If you’re selling more than one ticket type, such as age-specific pricing tiers or tickets for Early Bird/General/VIP admissions, you’ll need to create a new ticket for each type.

When clicking on the + New ticket button you will be presented with some additional options:

TYPE: This is your ticket name. Please ensure that you include your Event Name at the beginning of the ticket name, and then state what type of ticket you’re selling. For example, “Event Name General Admission” or “Event Name VIP”.

START SALE: If you want your tickets to start selling as soon as your event published, you can leave this blank. If tickets should only be sold at a later date, select the date and time accordingly.

END SALE: If you’re happy for tickets to be available right up until the time your event starts, you can leave this blank. If you need to restrict the sale of tickets to a certain end date, select the date and time accordingly.

PRICE: Enter the selling price of your ticket. If the tickets are not going be sold – but rather you are going to give them away for free – you can leave this field blank or set it to 0 (NOTE: free events are permitted for Basic Event Organisers only).

CAPACITY: Capacity is the number of tickets that are available. If you have no limited capacity, select “Unlimited capacity”. If you have a limited number of spots for your event, you’ll want to make sure to set this accordingly.

The shared capacity feature allows you to sell multiple tickets that all come out of one pool of stock. For example, say you have a venue which has 100 seats, and you are selling three different price tickets for children, adults, and seniors. If you listed the capacity of each ticket at 100, you might accidentally sell over 100 total tickets, and run out of seats. Instead, you can set a Shared Capacity of 100 for the event. Your attendees can choose to buy any of the three ticket types, but only up to 100 individual ticket sales.

Review your settings and click Save Ticket. Repeat the process for each ticket type if needed.
Ensure that you have familiarised yourself with our Terms of Service. You’ll need to acknowledge your acceptance thereof whenever you submit an event.
Have one last look through your event details to make sure that you’ve included everything, then click SUBMIT. Our team will now review your event within 72 hours and you’ll receive an email when your event is published. However, if we have any questions or need anything additional before publishing your event, we’ll be in touch via email. Please also feel free to contact our Support Team at any time.

Premier Event Organiser Add-Ons

As a registered Premier Events Organiser, you have access to these additional features for your event promotion.

10 Free VIP Tickets

Please send us an email when needed for each event.

Coupon / Discount Code Creation

Please send us an email if you require this for an event.

Stream Production & Hosting

Please send us an email to request a quote.

Secure-Loaded URL Stream

Please send us an email to set up your virtual event.

Automated Email Notifications

Please send us an email to request this feature.

Featured Event

Please click here to purchase this add-on.

Events Organiser Profile

Edit Your Profile

Your Events Organiser Profile page contains all your registration details and can be updated at any time. Here, you can update your registration information or change your password.

Please Note

If you edit your Organiser Package or IBAN, please also send us an email to inform us of the changes and ensure that you receive email confirmation that your changes have been authorised by our team.

Connecting With Your Audience

[Content – info/process on targeted event messaging.]

Event Reports

As a registered Events Organiser, you’ll have access to two reports for each of your events. You can access these reports via the “My Events” page.

Attendee Report

This provides a list of attendees for your event, including their name, email address, security code (ticket confirmation), and an option to check them in if you're not using the check-in app.

Sales Report

This is a list of order confirmations for your event, including total ticket sales by ticket type. This report is updated by our system directly after each successful ticket purchase.

Event App Check-In

Premier Events Organisers have access to our nifty QR Code check-in system, making check-in a seamless and quick process.

Download The "Event Tickets Plus" App

The app is free and available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Setting Up The App Before Your Event


Click "Connect Your Site" and enter your secret key when prompted.

Grant Access

When prompted, you'll need to grant the app access to your camera.

When you register as a Premier Events Organiser, you’ll receive your secret key via email.

Checking In Attendees At Your Event

Check Ticket

Confirm that the details on your attendee's ticket are valid for your event.


Scan the QR Code. A valid check-in will display the message "Scan Successful".

Fees and Charges


0c commission fee per ticket
5% handling fee
3.4% bank fee
35c processing fee


50c commission fee per ticket
5% handling fee
3.4% bank fee
35c processing fee

Fees are deducted from your total sales prior to payout. Premier Event Organisers have the option to pass additional fees to attendees and can request this per event submission.

Please refer to our Organiser Packages to compare all the features of these packages.

Payment Processing

Event Review

After your event, we'll review your event reports and calculate the relevant handling fees and commission splits.

Sales Reports

You will receive your final sales reports via email, with a summary of sales, fees, and commission splits.

Receive Payment

You'll receive payment for your tickets minus commission via direct bank deposit within 72 hours of your event end time.

Contact Support

Email Us

If you need assistance, please contact

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